Online Ship Value Indication

Ship valuation service for Bulkers, Tankers, Gastankers, Container Ships, Dry Cargo Ships

What is WeselmannValue?

  • Automatic valuation system for bulkers, tankers, gas tankers, containers, dry cargo ships
  • Indication of ship’s current market value in real time and in the past
  • Powered by decades of experience of independent ship valuers in Hamburg
  • Ensuring quality, reliability and trustworthiness
  • Representing the status of ship market
  • Based on data driven estimation model
  • Database goes back over thirty years, updated daily
  • Containing transactions, rates, price information, OPEX, market data, manual valuations
  • Contains the world fleet, 45.000 evaluated ships with 300.000 values
  • Value indications are available for

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Why WeselmannValue?


  • Powered by most comprehensive database in the industry
  • Ingenieurbüro Weselmann is world’s largest independent vessel valuation company
  • More than 70 years’ experience and a dedicated team of valuation experts
  • Ship valuation is core business.


  • WV’s unique traffic light system shows the degree of confidence in the given indication
  • Lack of available data or high level of fluctuation will be told openly.


  • Full freedom to choose the package of customers demand.

Cost efficient:

  • Best product at highly competitive rates.


  • Data can be downloaded in pdf., csv. and xls. Formats
  • Support from a dedicated team of experts

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Individual Value Indications

  • Insert vessel’s name or IMO number
  • WV indicates market value, OPEX, TC rates and scrap value
  • Additionally “Assisted Valuation” by Weselmann analyst can be requested

Fleet Function

  • Build your individual fleets
  • Request for fleet value indications
  • Track your fleet value in figures and as chart
  • Figures can be exported (pdf / csv / xls. Formats)