Online Ship Value Indication

Ship valuation service for Bulkers, Tankers, Gastankers, Container Ships, Dry Cargo Ships and RoRo Ships

What is WeselmannValue?

WeselmannValue is an automatic valuation system for most types of ships, which allows the user to obtain a fast indication of a ship’s current - or any past time - market value. With its longtime experience as independent marine experts and valuators, Ingenieurbüro Weselmann GmbH stands for quality, reliability and trustworthiness.

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Individual Valuations

A ship value that is to be estimated will be either identified by the system through IMO number or Ship’s Name. The result will always be an estimation of the vessel’s market value using the main technical data of the ship, including the historical development of time charter rates and sales prices.

Fleet Function

You can build your individual fleets and request for fleet value indication. You can observe your fleet’s values in total both in figures and as a chart. You can export figures as per CSV file for further analysis.

Representing the Status of the Ship Market

Our value indication is based on a data driven estimation model. The base is currently containing 45.000 ships and 300.000 values. This database is updated continuously and represents the status of the current ship market, including its temporary variations over the last 20 years.

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